May Student Ambassador of The Month: Anna Davis

For many high school students, the spring of senior year presents daunting challenges, such as finalizing college decisions and preparing to acclimate to a life away from home, while trying to savor the remaining moments of high school. The key to managing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Balance. Meet Student Ambassador Anna Davis, whose excellence in academics, passion for fitness, devotion to the community, and commitment to helping others emulates LOVE’s message of balance, service, and community.

Anna and her dad began coming to LOVE when it initially opened its doors, taking their first class with David Garza, now her Instructor Mentor. Her dad booked the front row of the sidebar for the two of them. After just one class, Anna was hooked.

“Being in a room, riding to the beat with everyone in unison was such a badass feeling. I was hooked.”

Although the two had taken spin classes previously, prior to joining the LOVE Cycling Studio community, Anna had never been to a cycling studio. From the moment she walked through the doors, she instantly recognized that there was a community at LOVE that wanted her to be a part of it.

“I’ve felt welcome since day one. I love that everyone knows each other’s names and at the beginning of class, you introduce yourself to the person next to you if you don’t already know them. Through meeting new people at LOVE, I feel so much more comfortable talking to and introducing myself to new people. It’s such a positive and motivating environment to be a part of.”

Feeling embraced by a studio community, which she hadn’t experienced at other cycling classes, and eager for another dance party on the bike that just happened to double as an intense workout, Anna and her dad continued to return to LOVE. Looking back since her first class, she loves that spin is not only something special they can share together but also something she can do to focus on herself amidst all of the chaos and stress of life as a student.

“I can walk into the studio and for 45 minutes, I can forget about anything negative and just focus on being my best self.”

Anyone who knows Anna can testify to her commitment and dedication on and off the bike. A senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA), Anna already has her eyes set on branching out once she graduates and attending college out of state. You might find her attending National Charity League meetings; getting involved with her Jewish youth group (BBYO), where she served as VP and President of her chapter; or practicing with her competitive rowing team at Texas Rowing Center six days a week. Looking at her impressive resumé (and even though she played just about every sport before joining rowing five years ago), you would never guess that, Anna didn’t consider herself athletic at one point. However, she credits classes at LOVE for inspiring her to become the impressive athlete she is today.

“Before I joined rowing, I never considered myself athletic. I started going to [LOVE Cycling] classes when I started rowing so that I could improve my fitness. Spinning quickly became my favorite form of cross-training because it is more than just a good workout; it’s like a dance party. Without LOVE, I definitely wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today. LOVE gets me excited to be active and has made me want to spread this positivity with people in my life.”

Spreading positivity is what Anna is all about. In fact, Anna’s goal as a Student Ambassador is to share her experience at LOVE with others and help them discover something that has had such an immense impact on her life. Beyond just improving her fitness and performance in rowing and in school, Anna credits LOVE with inspiring a newfound confidence, which she aims to ignite in others in her community.

“LOVE has definitely improved my confidence. I feel unstoppable and strong every time I step off the bike after class. Being an Ambassador for me means bringing people to LOVE in hopes of giving them the same inspiring feeling that I [feel] every time I spin. I’m so thankful for my experience at LOVE and want to share it with others as much as I can.”

Anna will be attending the University of California Los Angeles this fall, look for Anna around the studio before she heads off to college! Additionally, watch her upcoming Instagram Story takeover this Friday, May 11th to see how she balances her commitment to LOVE with graduation day approaching.