Sore muscles are no fun, but at least they’re a reminder that you’ve moved the needle, so to that we say – Good Job, keep going! Now hop in a hot bath with some Athlete Salt Soak and ease your muscles. The blend of Epsom salt, Pacific Sea salt and Bentonite clay are known for their ability to help relieve muscle tension.


When you need to hit the reset button: Unplug, breathe, add some Relax Salt Soak to a hot bath and float away. A calming blend of Epsom salt, Pacific sea salt and Dead sea salt to help you relax.


A refreshing blend of essential oils designed to help clear your mind (and your sinuses). A clearing soak with uplifting eucalyptus, tangy lime, and refreshing spearmint essential oils made by Epic Blend. Because sometimes you need to slow down and just breathe. Blend of Epsom salt, Pacific Sea salt and Fractioned coconut oil. 


SIZE: 3.5 FL OZ / 100G


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