Run towards what scares you and stop staying comfortable.

Brit Nardolillo

Born and bred in NJ. I spent eight years working corporate in NYC, fell in love with spin, talked myself into quitting my job to pursue fitness full time, then actually did it. It was the hardest decision of my life, but the best one yet.

In my class, my goal is to help you find and embrace your inner badass. Get ready to push yourself further than you thought you were able to, to not compare yourself to anyone around you and to focus on your own journey. When you walk through those studio doors, know that you are fully supported with no judgment.

We are all a work in progress, so let’s get sweaty and stronger in the dark while dancing on bikes. I promise you’ll have fun while doing it .

When I’m not on a bike you can find me somewhere dancing, pretending I'm J.Lo, putting cayenne pepper on all my food, and/or loving on my 3-legged beagle boy, Benji.