"Change your mindset, change your life."

- William James

Patrick Stuart

Hello there, I'm Patrick! I come from a small south Texas town where my family has worked a ranch for almost two centuries. I moved to the city the moment I got the chance, however that free, country spirit has never left me. After receiving my bachelor's in communication, I held a few office/management positions and realized the 9-5 work life wasn't for me. Along with teaching at this amazing studio, I work with an investment real estate firm and am a personal stylist. In my free time I love to take other fitness classes and dance classes, and I am almost always down for a margarita and tacos! My classes are motivated by music that taps into a spectrum of emotions with intentional choreography to build your endurance and leave you sweaty and accomplished. Fast jogs and intervals are my favorite sectors! I'm thrilled to be a part of LOVE's phenomenal community and pumped to see what the future has in store! :) Can't wait for you to ride with me!