we're All in this


We're all in this

Miss festival life? Get your EDM fix with Megan’s classes, she more commonly calls “A rave on a bike.”

Get ready for electronic music, heavy choreography, and a therapy session. You won’t know if it’s sweat or tears (or both) when class is over.

Megan’s classes are ideal for advanced riders, but all levels are welcome.

“This class is not a punishment for what you ate, this is a celebration of what your body can do.”

Megan knight

headbangers only

Want your workout to fly by and feel like you just left a party? Get your legs ready for Bryan “Speedy” Gonzales' Music Video classes.

Playing everything you’ve danced to - and a lot you’ve never heard of, Bryan’s classes are guaranteed to be a visual & physical party - if you can keep up.

Bryan’s classes are great for all levels of riders.

“This is your 45 minutes to shut the world off around you and be here now.”

bryan gonzales

music video king

Need a little sunshine in your life? Take a Katie class! She'll play all the bops from every generation and genre, keeping you smiling through your sweat.

You'll burn calories long after you leave Katie's classes with her combination of intense speed training and high resistance hills.

Katie's classes will kick your butt, but they are also great if you are expecting or a new mom and need modifications!

“If you want something, fight for it. If it’s hard, fight through it." 

Katie Abell

your daily dose of sunshine

Ready to dance it out and get rid of some stress and anxiety? Grace's class will always brighten your day! Her constant goal is to have you leave class feeling a little bit better than when you got there. 

She'll play music from every genre and every decade, and will always encourage you to dig a little deeper - both physically and mentally! She's also a Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, and she brings a level of intentionality, compassion, and FUN to every class!

Grace’s classes are ideal for all levels of riders.

“You are enough just as you are.”

Grace karjooy

where cardio meets mindfulness

Join Juliet as she creates a space to let go of anything you’ve faced in your day, week or month, and have a reset.
Born and raised in Austin, Juliet was also raised at LOVE. She started as a rider and now has taken the podium by storm, so wherever you may be in your cycling journey, she’s got you.

If you’re in need of a 45 minute dance party to anything from Teen Angst to 80s new wave, join the joy that is a Juliet class. She loves concocting the perfect playlist for every type of mood. Be on the look out for a variety of themes each week!

Juliet’s classes are great for all levels of riders.

“For the next 45 minutes, focus on what’s in front of you and be present.”

Juliet jarrett

Theme queen

When taking an Allee class, you can expect a mixture of intense beats, high energy, and deep feels.

If you've ever practiced yoga, gotten chills from a bass drop, or wanted to face failure with grace - this is the class for you.

Allee’s classes are ideal for more experienced riders, but all are welcome.

"Hard work, heart work, and work worth doing."

allee beatty

all the feels

DJ, motivator, comedian and dance partner!

My classes will have you sweating and dancing all while getting the best workout of your life!

I love making fitness fun, challenging but also obtainable for all my athletes in class! All I ask is that you bring the best you can at that given time, I’ll do the same!

We will dance, laugh, and move our bodies to my favorite hip hop, remixes of your favorite songs and booty shaking music!

david garza

the Tony Robbins of spin


Are you ready to get a workout in while having a blast?! Dom has what you’re looking for! His main priority is ensuring his riders always leave the bike feeling fulfilled, proud, and stronger than they walked in.

Dom’s music taste is everywhere, so you will hear something you know and love or leave with a song you’ve never heard before that you can’t get out of your head. From pop music to EDM to remixes, Dom’s got you covered. 

Dom grew up in the Austin, TX, area and loves rollerskating, running, being outside, and much more. He is a walking ball of sunshine who can’t wait to meet and get to know you!

Dom’s classes are excellent for every rider, no matter where you are on your journey!

“Change starts with going outside your comfort zone and doing things that scare you.”



Need to know where you are going every minute of your ride? Morgan is your girl! Being a 4th grade teacher, Morgan understands that people have a natural desire to know what's coming next, especially in their workout. 

You will be challenged to perfect your form, engage all the right muscles, and up your resistance all while feeling encouraged, supported, and extra sweaty. Morgan is going to keep you motivated through a wide variety of music genres, but her favorites include pop/ hip-hop throwbacks. 

Morgan's classes are great for intermediate to advanced riders, but always include modifications. 

“Your body can always push a little bit farther than the finish line your mind has created for you!”

morgan HOFFMAN

learn your f-u-n-damentals

Whether you’re just waking up or trying to shake off the day,  Dayne’s class is sure to be an intense workout and healthy distraction for some genuine “me time” on the bike.

From throwback hip hop anthems to electro-house bangers, this wild card instructor is sure to get those booties grooving and your heart rate pumping. He’ll be playing all the jams you dance to in your car, kitchen, or local dance hall.

Dayne’s classes are ideal for any skill level if you’re ready for a dance party and maybe a sing-a-long or two.

Dayne’s classes are great for all levels of riders.

“Ups and downs, smiles and frowns, but never ever will you see ya boy drown.”

dayne cannon

charisma king

"every instructor is fantastic, playlists always keep you motivated and you'll leave dripping in sweat."

- kristen l., Yelp

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