We're All In This


    -David Garza

David Garza

I am a father, triathlete, and die hard music lover! My passion is cycling and inspiring people to be the best they can be at any moment. I incorporate fun, inspiration, and some killer music into each and every one of my classes. I have been blessed to teach these amazing classes for over 10 years. During this time, I have been voted one of Austin's Fittest by Austin Fit magazine, Best Cycle Instructor, Best Triathlete, and Person of the Year by TRIBEZA. In my spare time I DJ events, and compete in local triathlons and Ironman races.


    - Alfred Pennyworth

Megan Knight

I blend my background in athletics and love of the ride to create a LOVING and sweaty journey. Growing up playing sports, I attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY to compete at the D1 level for swimming, while earning my degree in Fashion Merchandising. My passion for fashion carried me across the country to NYC, but instead I found my love for teaching, which led me into the arms of LOVE in Austin. Now rocking the podium instead of the pool, I encourage riders to embrace their inner badass while getting stronger with every pedal stroke.


    - Sarah Kay

Bryan Gonzales

Sure, I teach indoor cycling, but I consider myself the anti-fitness instructor. My goal as an instructor is to redefine the limitations of the fitness industry as one-size-fits-all. So, I put a different spin on things.

When you come to my class, you can always expect music videos. LOVE is the only cycling studio in Austin with a state-of-the-art video wall, and I think it’s a damn shame not to use it every single time. Whenever my name is on the schedule, it will be a Music Video Ride—that’s a promise from me to you.

Speaking of promises, my class is and will always be an inclusive environment where taking your options is encouraged and challenging yourself is required. There’s a spot in my class for a rider of any level, age, gender, shape, and size as long as you’re down to dance and get real sweaty.

Come to my class to have fun, dance, and get a killer workout in—one unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in Austin, in Texas, or anywhere for that matter.



-Eleanor Roosevelt

Katie Abell

Before indoor cycling, Katie was a competitive gymnast & cheerleader where she found her passion for music and movement. When Katie is off the bike she is pursuing criminal justice as an attorney. You can also find her at Zilker with her furry pet, Nala!

Katie’s class is designed to maximize your workout with the perfect combination of intense speed training and high resistance hills. You’ll hear hip hop, pop, and the best remixes of all-time classics to leave you feeling rejuvenated, encouraged, and empowered for the rest of your day!


    - Charles Schulz

Jennifer Goldman

I am a devoted mother of three amazing children and raising them is my most rewarding job. Instructing and taking classes at Love is my reset, refuel, and recharge for life. Finding great music and leading a fun class that is as much meaningful as it is challenging is my passion. During the day, I am fortunate to raise money for my alma mater, UT, utilizing my gift and estate planning skills from my days practicing law. Keeping up with my kids’ schedules and needs and acting as their unpaid Uber driver is, by far, my most challenging and gratifying workout I receive.


"The best way to ensure success is to deserve it."

- Charlie Munger

Riley Jacobs

As a former D1 athlete, I constantly toe the line between the best dance party of your life and breathless work. I throw in all the songs you didn’t know you still knew the words to, and before you know it, you’ve done three hill sprints! I love to connect class to my music in as many ways as possible which means sometimes, I’ll bring in props or include choreography popular with the songs. I coach my classes with a lot of resistance in the programming, which makes for a gritty ride and a maximum calorie burn even after class is done. When I’m not teaching at LOVE, you can find me staying active by coaching HIIT and Mat Pilates, or playing sand volleyball.


"Stay far from timid, only make moves when you're heart's in it, and live the phrase sky's the limit."

- Notorious B.I.G.

Kate Reese

I am happiest when sweaty! My goal on and off the bike is to empower those around me to take on every challenge with a "yes you can" attitude. When I'm not on the bike, you can find me outside in the sun, usually with an oat milk latte in hand, and working as a nutritionist and personal trainer.


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

-Walt Disney

Jordan Davey

All smiles but a powerhouse on the podium! Jordan is a California native but has found a new place to call home, here in Austin, Texas! She found her love for cycling in high school and hasn’t unclipped her feet from a bike since! When Jordan is off the bike she is pursuing her career in professional recruiting. Jordan rides to challenge herself to be the best she can be, have fun while getting a great sweat session in, and to eat more french fries & tacos. Just cause you can’t go dancing at a club, doesn’t mean you can’t go dancing on a bike. Her classes are full of fun, energetic beats, and loads of sass! Don’t let her charm full you, her class will test your limits and ignite your inner fire!

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