All of the loving, calming, relaxing, stress-melting, soreness-soothing benefit of other Peace Love Rally Recovery Balms, without the fragrance. Some people find peace and serenity in scent, others don’t. We get it! Topical magnesium treats pain and inflammation naturally, while aloe vera and soothing botanicals leave skin hydrated and soft. Whether you crushed a new PR or you just need a little R and R, ESSENTIAL CALM’S fragrance-free formula is perfect for everyday repose and recovery.

essential calm

We combined the healing properties of magnesium, MSM and Arnica for the ultimate DEEP THERAPY joint and muscle pain formula. MSM is the bees-knees nutrient of cellular repair, helping accelerate recovery from injury and improve the flexibility of connective tissue. Our DEEP THERAPY blend is enhanced with natural Peppermint and Tonka for a subtle scent and slight cooling sensation.

deep therapy

Like the other side of the pillow, but for tired, sore muscles. A frosty blend of therapeutic essential oils—blue tansy, ylang ylang, and wintergreen—deliver a cooling sensation to help enhance relaxation and calm the nervous system. In addition to the cool, calm, and comfort of the all-natural essential oils, CHILL REACTION is enhanced with magnesium to further reduce pain and inflammation.

chill reaction


SIZE: 3.0 OZ